Fjord and Mountain Tour

Our Fjord and Mountain tour  takes you out of the city of Bergen. The flight will give you a flavour of what Bergen can offer just moving a few minutes outside the city centre. We will show you the fjords around Bergen and Osterøy, the mountains surrounding Bergen, and if we are lucky,  we might even see some wildlife!

For those of you aiming to see as much as possible of the Norwegian scenery in this region, this is an affordable trip. Having said that, you might regret not going for a longer trip whilst at it! It is breath taking!

Duration: 25-30 minutes

Eagle Safari Tour

For some last years the number of Eagles has increased in the region – and we know where to look!

We will take you to our secret area, hoping to get a good view of this great majestic bird.

Although our main focus is on areas with known Eagle activity, whilst  up there, you will experience some of the wonderful scenery surrounding the city of Bergen .

Please note! Flight will be performed in accordance to rules and regulations with regards to disturbance of wildlife,  hence there is no guaranty for seeing Eagles.

Duration:  40-50 minutes

Glacier Tour

This is a more exclusive tour where we fly towards the Folgefonna Glacier, one of Norway’s largest glaciers.

This route takes us into the mountains where we often see wild life,  whilst  passing some of the biggest fjords around Bergen.

We choose the most spectacular route, through a rough mountain area. It is difficult to describe the beauty of this nature, it has to be experienced with your own eyes!

We will always pick the best route, for you to get the best view and experience. Route could vary from day to day pending on weather, wind, type of helicopter and total weight.

​Duration approximately: 60 min

Trolltunga (Trolltounge tour)

This is our customers favourite and most sold tour. This have it all!

It includes all the good views described in our earlier tours,  for then to develop further.  We pass beautiful small villages along the fjords on our way towards the Folgefonna Glacier. We will pass the  Bondhus Glacier, a Glacier arm to the Folgefonna Glacier,  before continuing onward towards Trolltunga. We continue our tour flying straight over or around the Glacier (weather pending) to  Åkrafjorden or Sørfjorden, passing Odda, a small industrial city in Hardanger,  before coming up to the famous «Trolltunga».

Feedback from earlier customers is fantastic, with some of them claiming «This is hundred Grand Canyon tours in one trip»

And again, it is recommended to see it with you own eyes!

​We will always pick the best route,  for you to get the best view and experience. The route might vary from day to day pending on weather, wind, type of helicopter and total weight.

Unfortunately at some days the Glacier will be covered with clouds, and not possible to access. Should this occur, we will still make the trip an unforgettable memory and experience to you.

​Duration:  90 minutes tour

Coast and Lighthouse Tour

Enjoy the coastal view and see how the natives live in covenant with the nature and the ocean.

​This tour takes us to Marstein Lighthouse, passing over Øygarden and Herdla, to Fedje. Fedje is a small island,  north east of Bergen with the rough  «North Sea» as its neighbour. In bad weather and strong storms, the island is often isolated as the residents are pending on a ferry to get to the main land.

Fedje is well know for it large old lighthouse, which is still in operation. Leaving Fedje our tour goes towards Austerheim and  Equinor Mongstad – one of Norway’s largest oil refineries,  before finally heading back  to Bergen.

​This route is less pending of good weather and is a good alternative should weather restrictions prevent us from flying  earlier described tours.

Duration:  90-110 minutes