The R44 is used for simple, easy transport missions, taxi trips and sightseeing

Number of Helikop
terR44 Clipper II (with floats)-1 PCs In Bergen

General Information
Engine Type: Piston
fuel: AVGAS 100Lloperat
ing Tank Capacity: 176 liters numbe
r of seats: 1 Pilot and 3 passengers (2 passengers in Newscopter) Norm
al cruise speed: 100 knots/185 km/Tmaxim
um flight time at full tank: approx 3 hours

Load capacity:
Internal load/Passengers:
250 kg (depends on the distance to be flys)
Limited luggage space

underhanging Cargo:
R44 is not used for a load flight in Fonnafly

Total long on helicopter: 11.66 meters He
ight: 3.27 meters
Rotor diameter 10 meters

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