AS350 is the workhorse of our company. This we use for most quests that require a little more muscle

Eurcopter AS3350 was a few years ago acquired by Airbus, and therefore the new helicopters have been named Airbus H125.

Number of Helikop
terAS350B2-1. st
kAS350B3-1. st
kAS350B3 +-1. st
kAS350B3e/H125-4. Pcs

General Information
Engine Type: Turbin
e fuel: JetA1Drif
stofftank Capacity: 540 liters numb
er of seats: 1 Pilot and 5 passengers No
rmal cruise speed: 115 knots/213 km/Tmaxi
mum flying time at full tank: about 3 hours

Load capacity:
Internal load/Passengers:
450 kg (depends on the distance to be flow

n) Under the hanging
load: AS350B2-1250 kg max (working HIV 900-10
00kg) AS350B3-1400 kg max (work HIV 1000-1100kg)

Total long on helicopter: 12.94 meters H
eight: 3.34 meter
Rotor diameter 10.69 meters

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